Content Management

Decibel CMS, this agency's CMS of choice, is a website content management system that gives non-technical people all the controls they need to edit their own site. They can add, delete and move about content and pages, forms, modules/widgets, rich media such as video, as well as set up extranets, intranets, membership areas and editor permissions.

We choose Decibel CMS because of its ease of use and revolutionary performance as well as its Open API. It's used in over 20 countries, bundled with useful features (for developers and businesses), it's modular and therefore versatile, fully supported both by us and Decibel, and for your peace of mind is easily portable from us to another agency or to your own in-house development team.

Decibel has been constructed to make it quick to develop simple marketing websites through to complex websites, extranets and intranets with high levels of bespoke configuration. It significantly reduces development time and through its taxonomised content delivery system gives the website visitor a better experience, and your website editors less website adminstration work.